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just perfect

sorry i never got to see this till now but i havent been on newgrounds in quite some time, just wanted to thank you for taking my song so far, i had no idea it would be so complemented and such a hit, and you did absolutely incredible work with it, keep it up man

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I don't know how you think you can get away with stealing the ideas, characters and pictures from krinkels and just throw in your own subpar animation skills and expect to call yourself an artist. Seriously, make your own drawings or at the very least have a couple original ideas and stylistic themes to add into the work rather than taking every single thing from someone else.

perfectnazo responds:

the storyline i made up. i admit they are not my sprites but i did make up the storyline so u coulove given me a 1 ......

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even worth money.

easily the best conceptual puzzle flash game since portal flash version, incredible idea and a nice smooth engine, i expect to see some serious puzzles within the engine by the time this is done : D

needs work

not the worst mouse avoider ive seen, but some smoother shapes and animations would be nice, the jumpy and uneven ones are really annoying for avoiders, and although you may have prevented right click cheating, you didn't fix left click cheating. still needs work but has potential

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best trance in a looooong time

all i have to say is basshunter can suck it after seeing this stuff.
by the way, what equipment do you use for your stuff, all software or hardware or what kinda mix man?

Unrl responds:

Cheers =) I have FL9 right now but I made this in FL8 back when I first started. I think this song is only with Sytrus presets.. xD

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